McClure Antique Restored Shuffleboard Tables

      Restored Antique Shuffleboard Tables Starting at $14,895

      We have some fully restored Antique Tables In stock ready to ship or install anywhere in the USA. We also stock some custom handcrafted shuffleboard table models in Stock here.

      If you want an original Rock Ola custom made to order in Walnut, Cherry or Maple hardwood cabinets in sizes 12 foot to 22 foot you can custom order a handcrafted Rock-Ola Here

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      McClure Tables makes New Rock-Ola Shuffleboard Tables today. We have the trademark and are the only shuffleboard table manufacture who can make original Rock-Ola Shuffleboard Tables. We prefer our new Rock-Ola models over the original antique ones made in 1948 and 1949. The main reason is we make the legs, horse collars, and sub-frame out of more premium hardwoods. You can choose from our Rock-Ola Original models in Cherry Wood, Walnut wood, or Hard Maple.
      The original restored antique table cabinets were all made out of Poplar or, as commonly referred to in the game table and furniture industry, Tulipwood. It is still a nice hardwood but not the higher premium woods like American Black Walnut, Hard Maple, or American Cherry wood. Often other companies who sell the restored Antique Rock-Ola Shuffleboard tables are saying the horse collar is Mahogany. What they mean is the color of the stain or finish was almost always Mahogany. When we restore them, we use either Mahogany or often in a brown tone Heirloom or Deer Creek finish. One other drawback of the original antique Rock-Ola shuffleboard tables versus our new ones is they only came in 18 foot or 22-foot sizes. These are some of the models we have in stock for sale. The price includes free shipping per zone, but we do have a crating fee of $1250 on each model at checkout.