Antique Rock Ola Shuffleboard Tables

The Antique Rock-Ola Shuffleboard Table includes delivery and installation anywhere in the continental United States. For price, options and more information call 800-565-0977.
   When talking about shuffleboard tables, no conversation is complete without mentioning the Rock-Ola antique shuffleboard table. It is regarded as the absolute finest shuffleboard table ever made. The limited edition Rock-Ola Shuffleboard tables were only manufactured between 1948 to 1950. Hand made from solid hardwood, and featuring solid wood "Horse Collar" sections shows the detail put into each table manufactured by Rock-Ola in Chicago. Now, you can own a piece of history ordering a beautifully restored Antique Shuffleboard Rock-Ola. Most original tables were made in the full 22 foot size but we do sometimes find 20 foot as well. If you want other sizes then consider purchase a new Rock Ola as we make an original reproduction in every size.
When you consider purchase an antique we recommend you deal directly with a company that does their own restoration and does not contract it out. Keep in mind also many antique tables are not carefully restored and often you will find that they are simply remanufactured. Meaning they will strip the side rails down to brand new wood sanding clean, they will refinish and sand the horse collar like new, and they are usually missing glass and often the metal strips. So these are often replaced with wood walnut inlays or with wood instead of the metal strips for the legs. We would never destroy the antiquity of an original and often the tables we find are in such bad shape they can not really be restored. There is a difference between restore a table and rebuild. Below is a picture of a fully restored original table, even the score unit is original. This is how they came from the factory and what an antique shuffleboard should look like.
 Classic Antique Rock-Ola Vintage Style Shuffleboard TableFor more information, including price and availability on Antique Rock-Ola Shuffleboards, please call 800-565-0977

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