Vintage Series

      Vintage style Shuffleboards from $5650

      The Vintage model Shuffleboard Tables are replicas of styles built in America in the late 1940s. Our Prestige is a classic style or design originally made by American Shuffleboard. The Tournament II Deluxe shuffleboard table was modeled after a customer's request to call it the poor man's Rock-Ola Shuffleboard.

      We create each shuffleboard table in our workshop using the finest craftsmen and locally harvested hardwoods starting from scratch. McClure Tables are all made in America, handcrafted in Michigan, where the hard maple trees grow. We use locally sourced hard maple for the playboards that have the best warranty in the business. We do not use bar top epoxy polymer finish. Our shuffleboard finish is so tough that we do not void our warranty for commercial locations, unlike the inferior poured epoxy tops. All McClure Shuffleboard table's traditional finish playing surfaces use a piano style finish guaranteed to last a lifetime for home use and a full five years in commercial locations. This line features classic affordable vintage-style shuffleboard tables from 9 foot to 22-foot size shuffleboards. Shop here all our shuffleboard tables by size