The Advantages Of Buying American Made Products

Since our country's inception, the United States has been the standard bearer when it comes to quality, both in the products we make and the values we hold dear to our hearts. Our strong convictions as Americans don't allow us to skimp out on a hard days work, and our pride in the flag won't allow us to say something was made here that isn't better than a product built overseas.

 Not only does buying American mean you are investing in the finest quality product available, but it also supports the country by putting your dollar in the hands of a fellow hard-working citizen. When you buy something that was made overseas, its hard to track where your dollar eventually ends up or what values you are endorsing. By investing in American manufacturers, you contribute to the American dream while enjoying and consequently promoting a product that was made with love and care.

Quality of craftsmanship

When you buy an item that was made far away in a country like China, you are taking a number of risks in terms of the piece's long-term durability. To begin with, the quality of construction that goes into making something like a shuffleboard table cannot be guaranteed because the massive factories and assembly lines pumping these products out don't have the oversight required by manufacturers stateside. The standards and practices of many overseas factories, for one thing, encourage quantity over quality.

In the United States, employees are given the chance to actually care about the product they are making. At McClure Tables, for example, producing a shuffleboard out of the finest maple the state of Michigan has to offer is a craft, not a task, and something that workers take pride in. American craftsman have more opportunity to not only enjoy their jobs, but also to better their skills with every product. In an overseas factory, instead of improvement in quality, manufacturers look for increases in volume, which hurts the integrity of the product in the long run.

American Made Shuffleboard Tables
Homegrown materials with proven records of excellence

A shuffleboard made in a factory in China also doesn't benefit from the quality products that only domestically produced tables are made of. While you may get a cheaper table that was imported from overseas, the likelihood that it was made out of quality wood harvested from American forests are slim. Instead, you'll probably just end up with flimsy tables made from particleboard or a lesser material that has a significantly reduced lifespan compared to a solid American model.

For example, the shuffleboards made by McClure Tables are of the finest quality Michigan maple. This wood is unparalleled in terms of durability, especially for shuffleboard tables, as it is strong and can be carved to fit your needs. Maple is abundant stateside, while you'll be hard pressed to find a hearty grove of this lumber in the forests of China. Instead, you're most likely to find that foreign shuffleboards, which may look similar to American designs, are made of imitation maple that can hardly stand up to the real thing.

Products don't have to travel far

When you purchase a product from overseas, it has a long way to travel before making it to your doorsteps. You don't have to be an environmentalist to see how wasteful it is to have an inferior product shipped halfway across the globe when you can get a higher quality product from a domestic factory. As well, the shipping costs markup the price tag when the goods should be sold at a bargain basement given their inferior quality.

 A product that is made domestically also has more accountability behind it than a piece that was made in a factory thousands of miles away. The craftsman who put together your shuffleboard table in the U.S. did so with pride as, in some cases, they are your neighbors. The products made by McClure Tables aren't produced by under appreciated workers on an assembly line but by proud Americans just like you.

When you buy a domestic product, you are keeping the American dream alive. When you support homegrown businesses, the money stays in America and helps every citizen. If the cash doesn't leave the country, there's a good chance that you will see it again at least in the form of benefits for your friends and neighbors.

American products represent the finest quality craftsmanship available as well as a business model that supports all citizens. 

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