Game Tables

Game Tables

Shuffleboard Tables

Shuffleboard Game Table Game tables are a category of furniture to their own, representing a wide variety of games. Of the many table games, similarities include the use of playing pieces and a playing surface tailored to the particular game. However, each is different in their shape and size and the actual type of playing surface. Game tables can be basic in design, while some feature more expensive materials and can look quite rustic. They can also feature electronic scoring equipment. Most are offered in varieties that suit any kind of home décor.


However, each has a different layout. Shuffleboard game tables, for example, are narrow and long. Many of them are up to 22 feet in length. Their surface is smooth and must be waxed. The weights/pucks must stay on the surface to be in the game; if they fall into the gutter, they are no longer in play, depending on the game. With shuffleboard, the game tables require more regular maintenance than most others in order to keep the surface smooth. Wax and silicone spray are important in keeping the surface in top condition; and it is important to keep the surface clean.


Pool Tables

Billiards is another example of popular table games. There are many similarities between billiards and shuffleboard. While in shuffleboard, players must keep Another variation of game tables is air hockey. Similar in shape to a pool table, an air hockey table can include features that are different from other table games. Some feature a mechanism to blow air up to the surface, while the legs are often adjustable and electronic scoring systems can be included as well. Like shuffleboard, many supplies are available for air hockey, such as pucks, paddles, table covers, and cleaner/polish for the surface.the playing pieces, or pucks, out of the gutter, in billiards, players aim to either shoot balls into pockets or keep them from entering the pockets. The surface of a pool table is quite simple, with a felt material. Some game tables that are designed for pool can be sophisticated though, with an internal layout of tubes for the balls to pass through once they enter the pockets. Like shuffleboard, billiards game tables can be quite expensive.



Poker and Game Tables

Poker tables come in a wide array of shapes and styles. These reflect even more the diversity of game tables. Some are portable; others can be permanent fixtures in the home. Some even double as dining tables. Other poker table games are designed for commercial use and suit professional gamblers that frequent casino floors.


In contrast to other table games, foosball does not depend on the table surface for direct game play. Players use side handles to control the position and strike of statuettes that sit above the surface, and which are used to hit the ball. Although they are somewhat different from other game tables, foosball tables are also available in a wide range of styles.

Chess, checkers, and ping pong tables are also considered table games. There are many variations and even more types out there, just as with shuffleboard. Often seen in professional settings, game tables are also available for home use, where they become an integral part of the home furnishing.