Shuffleboard Wipe Sweep 18" Mahogany

Shuffleboard Wipe Sweep 18" Mahogany

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Free Play Kit with Table Purchase
Includes wax and shufflepuck sets

Mahogany 18" Shuffleboard Table Sweep or wipe for Shuffleboard Table

Use this brush to sweep or wipe off the excess wax or powder when you are ready for a fresh coat of new wax. Simply use the board sweep to wipe all the wax off and into the gutters that you can later vacuum out of the shuffleboard gutter. This sweep is in mahogany finish and will work for 18" wide boards. Will also work on 16" wide boards but we make these shuffleboard sweeps 18" long and 2 3/8" wide. Feature carpet on the bottom to remove the shuffleboard wax from the play board between games.   

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