Shuffleboard Brown Wax Speed 3 24 Pound Bucket

Shuffleboard Brown Wax Speed 3 24 Pound Bucket

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Shuffleboard Brown Speed Wax Speed 2 24 Pound Bucket

Shuffleboard Wax designed for McClure Tables Shuffleboard Tables. This was is very fast, competition grade speed powder which is recommended for 16' 18' and 20 foot shuffleboard tables. This is for a 24 pound Bucket of Wax. Used on the shuffleboard table for sliding the pucks this is the dust or often called cheese that you sprinkle on the shuffleboard table to play the game. This is for 24 pounds with one can to sprinkle on the table this is our speed 3 Brown wax for Tournament Play. Similar speed to Federation style T-3

 WARNING: McClure Brown Shuffleboard Wax contains tree nuts.

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