Weights 2 5/16" Custom Pucks - Aluminum Caps

Weights 2 5/16" Custom Pucks - Aluminum Caps

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Puck Base

Custom Pucks 2 5/16" Regulation Size Pucks

These Pucks are made in four different speeds. These pucks are regulation size and within official Tournament weight check with tournament director for specs. These are 2 5/16" size shuffleboard weight set. With Screw on Caps these are all made with Stainless steel bases that combined with the aluminum hard anodized caps will weigh between 342 and 344 grams total weight.  

Pucks available in the following speeds rated from slowest to fastest puck here

Note the flat or recessed pucks glide the smoothest but when you hit dry spots common on the polymer epoxy boards the pointed bottoms work better for speed. 

Note Polymer is a plastic poured material the white beads used in sand or powder the shuffleboard wax is also plastic the static electricity of the beads and polymer tend to cause some repelling of the beads. The pointed pucks glide best on these type of boards. Verses a traditional playboard the style McClure Tables makes are more suited for flat to recessed bottom pucks. 

  • Medium Speed Recessed Cupped Stainless Steel Minus  -.05
  • Medium Fast Speed Pointed Stainless Steel Base Plus .015
  • Faster Speed Pointed Stainless Steel Base .010
  • Fastest Speed Flat Base no point .00

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