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Table shuffleboard looks quite simple. You push the weights, or pucks, with enough force to land in the scoring area and not fall off the side of the board into the alley. There are several types of shuffleboard games. One is Shuffleboard Game Knock Off, which is played in singles or two teams of two people. This shuffleboard table game is played until one team scores 15 points. Players also have the option of playing Short Foul Line Knock Off, where the weights stay in-play as long as they are past the foul line closest to the shooter, and Long Foul Line Knock Off. Shuffleboard GamesIn this variation, pucks are in play as long as they are past the foul line on the opposite end of the board from the shooter

Another shuffleboard table game is Horse Collar Shuffleboard. This game can be played one on one or with two or more teams, with two players per team. It is played in frames and often requires players to alternate ends, until someone scores 51 points. Whether this shuffleboard table game is played in singles or teams, the objective is for at least one puck to land in the 3-point or greater zone, and not short of the foul line, for any points to count.

Tap & Draw is a version of table shuffleboard that is good for beginners who are learning from a skilled player. Pucks are shuffled alternately until one player shuffles all of their pucks to the farthest scoring position on the board. Knocking an opponent’s puck off the board is a penalty. Target shuffleboard is similar to a regular shuffleboard table game. Players shuffle their pucks toward the highest scoring position, but are allowed to knock off their opponents’ puck, and whoever’s puck is in the highest scoring position, wins the round.

Crazy Eight shuffleboard games are played with two or more players. It is played in frames, with players alternating ends of the board between frames, until someone scores an agreed upon number of points. Being first to score that number doesn’t make the player the winner. Every player gets to finish the frame, and whoever has the highest score that equals or is higher than the agreed upon score wins.

Each of these shuffleboard games has their own set of rules; some that will be similar to others. No matter how table shuffleboard is played, always make sure the table is clean, and shaking the shuffleboard table game is always prohibited.

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Handmade Shuffleboard Tables

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